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What you should bring

Please bring the following:

Wear comfortable clothing that does not restrict your movement (no tight jeans). For the examination of you spine, shoulder, or hip you may be asked to undress to where you only wear underwear. Therefore wear underwear in which you feel comfortable in this situation. For the examination of your legs, shorts are useful.

Mouth and nose protection
As required by state law, wearing a mouth and nose protection in our clinic is required at all times unless your therapist tells you otherwise.

Our clinic is shoe free, so that you may enjoy a clean floor during floor exercises. Thus for your comfort and safety, please bring house shoes or non-slip socks.

Bring a big bath towel for cover of the treatment table or exercise mat.

Medical reports, x-rays etc.
All reports by other therapists and physicians, x-rays, MRIs etc., may be helpful.

10 minutes
If your therapist hasn’t shown 10 minutes past the scheduled time, please ring the service bell on the reception desk.

Intake form
Please download our intake from and its instruction, as well as the data privacy form. Print and completet the questionaire (landscape) and the data privacy (portrait) and bring them to the first appointment. This saves your therapist the trouble of filling the form with you and leaves more time for your therapy.

Fee agreement
We ask our patients with private insurance to bring a signed print out of the fee agreement to the intial appointment.