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We are hiring physiotherapists / physical therapists (female/male/diverse)
We are a highly qualified team of free associates in good spirits and would gladly accept your application. Disciplines other than physiotherapy that might complement our areas of specialty are also welcome. Give us a ring an schedule an appointment to get to know us and the clinic:+49 (0)7071 368683.

Difference free associate / employee
In comparison to employed physiotherapists, free associates have the following advantages:
– you schedule your time off / vacation as you please
– you choose whom you treat & how
– help within our team is always at your side
– you earn a great deal more

Continuing education
If you like I (Peter Fischer) will train you free of charge as long as it takes until you feel proficient in the diagnostics and treatment in our speciatly areas spine and CMD. You can choose from the following training options:
– One on one training in diagnostics and treatment
– you can observe when I evaluate and treat patients
– I observe and give you feedback when you treat patients
– you attend my courses for physiotherapists

If you have ambition and talent, I would be happy to coach you to become a docent for lectures or spinal fitness courses for physiotherapists / companies.

You wish to do research?
No problem, I am active and well connected in the field of research. I can advise you to find a suitable topic or hook you up with existing research projects.

500 Euro
You’re not looking for a job, but know someone who is?
If you refer a physiotherapist (w/m/d) to us, you receive 500 Euro, if the physiotherapist ends up working in our clinic for 16 hours per week for at least 6 months.

Your English is good, but your German isn’t?
No problem, I am a native English & German speaker and will gladly help you along.

You are a nutritionist? Given that nutrition is a relevant factor in health and fitness, we would like to have you in our team.

You are a computer game developer? We would like to develop games with you, which enhance the health and fitness of individuals who are into computer gaming.