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Information for Dentists

Die following links open respective PDFs:
Physio-referrals by dentists
CMD-Check for dentists
In order to find physiotherapist that are specialized on CMD, click on find physiotherapists. In the window „Suchen“enter „Kieferbehandlung“. In the window „PLZ / Ort“ enter in reversed order „Ort, PLZ“.
Under the titel Wirbelsäulen-Fitness-Check you find courses of the German Dental Association KZVBW, in which we instruct you and your team to identify an eliminate your personal deficiencies in spinal fitness.

Interdisciplinary teamwork
We believe in interdisciplinary teamwork, because it is far more effective and fun than a „solo performance“. This applies to our work within our team and cooperation with external specialists. Within our team we expand our horizon with mutual continuing education and consult with each other in case of tricky cases. In addition we appreciate the exchange with the referring physicians, in order to fine tune diagnostics and therapy.
We are looking forward to get to know your work and to share what we do.
Insight into our work may be gained via our book, publications and workshops on various topics. Another option is to experience our work, by coming for a one on one treatment.


What about yourself?
We are also able to help dentists and dental assistents improve their own fitness. Should you wish physio-diagnostics and -therapy or an ergonomics training in your clinic for either just yourself or your entire team, let uns know. We would be glad to help you personally.


Training options:

→ The DVD+APP „10 Back-Fit-Basics for the Dental Team“. An English version of this hack was also produced, but has not been released yet.

→ The BOOK+APP „Rücken Fit Navi“, which allows you to identify and eliminate deficiencies of spinal fitness – or the english version without app.

→ The „BACK FIT NAVI“-APP, which coaches and leads you automatically through
custom tailored test und exercise videos.

→ The ZEGRA®POSTURE-TRAINER, that reminds you automatically to return to a healthy posture when slumping.

BACK FITNESS SEMINARS for dentists and dental assistants in dental depots, dental hospitals or in your clinic, including the training of an ergonomic work posture.
Mail requests for trainings to fischer@praxis-f.de.

→ Finalls we would also be happy to treat you one on one in our CLINIC in Tübingen.

We have made your back fitness our calling!