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Your back

Back pain
Do you experience pack pain? If so, you are not alone: 80% of our population suffers from back pain at some point. Considering the results of our studies on posture, fitness und work place ergonomic of school children, college students and employees, this does not come as a surprise.

Therapeutic options
In addition to conventional physio-techniques, we also apply two new methods that a allow for an effective treatment and prevention of non specific back pain: the Spinal-Fitness-Check and the Posture-Trainer.

The Spinal-Fitness-Check consists of 45 exercises for the posture, relaxation, movement, coordination, mobility, strength, and endurance, that a completely fit and healthy spine requires. Every exercise is equipped with a test. The tests will tell you when adequate fitness has been achieved, so that you may decrease the frequency of an exercise or stop it altogether.

The Posture-Trainer assists and motivates you during the acclimatization to an upright and healthy posture. It is strapped to the chest, just like a heart-rate monitor. Whenever you slouch too far, the ZEGRA® Posture Trainers vibration alarm reminds you of a healthy posture.